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If when you hear Dangerous Hippies you imagine a generic remake of Hinder, think again. Dangerous Hippies is a new, modern alternative pop/rock duo and their music is primed to be an instant sensation. When asked why they decided to start a new project, Cody Hanson says “We were tired of being put in a box. Every artist continues to grow over time, and we can't wait to show our fans the diversity of our songwriting". They have been writing for this project since 2011 when they were approached to write an "alternative" song for a commercial. During the process they found themselves uninhibited music with no rules, and having the time of their lives. "It's been difficult to release new music with such a strenuous touring schedule" says Hanson, "but, now we're motivated and the timing seems perfect." From two guys that have the experience of selling over 5 million albums, 10 million singles and multiple world tours, we can only imagine that we're in for one hell of a musical ride. 

"Dangerous Hippies will be
the next big thing in music" 
                                        - Everyone who has ears
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